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Experiential Innovation for NFPs – Driving strategic innovation through understanding your customers’ experience 

Conference | 6-7 December 2018 View Full Program 
Pre-Conference Workshop | 5 December 2018 View Full Program

As the funding pool for the NFP sector shrinks, organisations in this sector are increasingly challenged to demonstrate their value proposition and differentiate themselves in order to remain competitive. Digital disruption means that NFPs must be nimble in embracing emerging technologies so as to not be left behind. They must also be prepared to embrace bold new strategies including adapting to changing donor demographics and engaging in strategic partnerships in order to fulfil their mission.

NFP Innovation, Growth & Sustainability brings together over 25 leading professionals from the not-for-profit sector to present strategies to ensure that your organisation can stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. These professionals will present strategies, potential solutions and case-studies in areas including strategic and financial planning; fundraising; partnerships; branding; customer experience and technology innovation.  


Pre-Conference Workshop 

Melbourne | 5 December 
Building a sustainable revenue base is the priority in an increasingly tight funding market. This hands-on masterclass explains how strategic innovation driven by understanding your customer’s experience is the key to sustainable revenue growth.  
The workshop is in two halves: 
  1. The principles of Innovation Leadership – How to drive your organisation to greater levels of innovation around funding opportunities. This session will include a self-assessment tool to evaluate how well you and your team are placed presently to drive innovation. 

  2. Experience mapping – This session will help you get to the heart of your audience’s relationship with your organisation – be they clients, customers, donors or volunteers. Gavin will lead you through a tried and tested process that helps you understand the world from your consumer’s perspective to identify where and when to innovate to better meet their needs.  

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend

  1. Find out how to engage in effective financial planning for your organisation with yourtown, which grew its revenue to $98m in 2017, their fourth annual increase in the past five years. 

  2.  Identify ways to harness the commercial value of your existing assets with RSL Life Care, a charitable organisation that cares for over 7, 500 residents in 25 retirement villages and 26 Aged Care Homes across NSW & ACT. 

  3. Discover how Save the Children Australia is successfully adapting its engagement strategy to maintain and expand its donor network of 120, 000 Australians.  

  4. Understand how to create a successful marketing strategy that drives donor engagement with Uniting

  5. Learn from The Benevolent Society how mergers and acquisitions have helped drive its growth strategy to at least double revenue by the end of 2019. 

  6. Hear how Mission Australia has realised new revenue streams through partnerships with the corporate sector to expand and improve their services. 

  7. Understand how World Vision Australia is analysing its data to drive better business performance

  8. Find out how Diabetes NSW & ACT was able to transform from a loss-making charity to a successful for-purpose organisation that has made $1.5 million in profit each year for the past 3 financial years. 

  9. Learn how to embed a customer-centric approach in your organisation to improve service delivery with MS Queensland and the Australia Foundation for Disability

  10. Hear from JewishCare and Sacred Heart Mission on how to attract and retain strong talent and build a thriving organisational culture. 

Who Should Attend? 

Professionals from NFPs, NGOs and charities with job titles including: 
  • Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Customer Officer 

  • General Managers and Directors of Finance, Funding, Partnerships, Sustainability and CSR 

  • Directors and Heads of – Engagement, Communications, Customer Service, Client Services and Marketing 

  • People & Culture/HR 

Featured Speakers

Steven Herald

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Foundation for Disability

David Crosbie

Chief Executive Officer

Community Council of Australia

Geoff Walshaw

Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary


Mark Broadhead

Chief Financial Officer

RSL Life Care

Trish Egan

Chief Operating Officer

Diabetes NSW & ACT

Paul Molyneux

Executive – Chaplaincy, Fundraising & Marketing

Mission Australia

Sarah Rainbird

National Donor Relations Manager

Save the Children Australia

Anna Robinson

Executive Director Growth & Business Excellence

The Benevolent Society

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